I’m not even 100% sure what ice pellets are but 10-20cm of them coming down with 80km/hr wind does not sound SAFE! Dr. Shaver is always an advocate for “safety first” so the office will be closed today. Thank you to my patients for their understanding.

Now for the fun part…

Stuck inside all day and not sure what to do? First of all, get prepared for a day inside. Drink tea or hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course), or coffee if you prefer, wear all of your coziest clothes, hopefully that includes a vest (keep your spine warm), and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket or a cozy dog or both. Did I mention cozy slippers?


Don’t forget the cozy socks!!!


Now that you are ready and dressed to impress, here are a few FUN ideas for how to spend your day:

Option 1: CRAFTS!!! Knitting, scrapbooking, photo albuming, basket weaving, embroidery, friendship bracelet making, painting, whatever floats your boat.


Option 2: GAMES!!! Board games (it’s fun getting into trouble!), card games (go fish and old maid were always my faves), hide and seek, make believe, be creative and have some fun! Now anyone who knows me will LOL at the photo I chose to represent this option. Personally, I am NOT a fan of monopoly (except for Beatles monopoly, I like that version). But it is a very popular game and I’m not judging, so if monopoly is your thing then GO FOR IT (but try to stay out of jail please)!


Option 3: MOVE!!! AKA exercise/get your move on/get your groove on/get your sweat on. Doesn’t matter what type of exercise, you can do anything you like! I enjoy anything from HIIT training on the indoor cycling trainer to dancing around in the kitchen to Shania Twain. Best part is, both are included in this option! To quote the national voice of physical activity and sport participation in Canada (AKA) Participaction: “Don’t just think about it, DO IT!” And one more quote from my faves Hal and Joanne: “Keep fit and have fun!”


Option 4: MOVIE!!! snacks, recline, and relax. One request…if you choose this option, please make sure you choose good snacks…aka POPCORN!!! Not sure what movie to watch? How about..Pretty Woman? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Beetlejuice? Mean Girls? I think those are pretty great suggestions! And if you are up for a tear jerker, might I suggest Where the Red Fern Grows? But be sure to have the Kleenex on hand!


Option 5: CHORES!!! Not as exciting…hence option 5…but a very productive use of your time! May I suggest breaking up your chores and watching Marie Kondo “Tidying Up” on Netflix to inspire your cleaning? Shout out to my patients who introduced me to Marie. You were right…I LOVE her…and I’m now obsessed with tidying up! So, thank you for helping me SPARK JOY!

Marie KondoJPG

I hope you have enjoyed my suggestions. Have a wonderful winter storm day! And remember, if you do have to go outside please BE SAFE! 

“SAFETY FIRST” – DR. AL…and many others 😉

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